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Reading Group

The RPL weekly reading group is hosted in the summer—covering topics across perception, optimization, mapping, localization, and field robotics.

Summer '20 (virtual)

Date Paper Presenter Presenter notes
2nd June TEASER: Fast and Certifiable Point Cloud Registration [Yang, Heng, Jingnan Shi, and Luca Carlone] Wei Dong Wei's notes
9th June ICRA '20 recap Montiel Abello, Sudharshan Suresh Slides [1, 2]
16th June GP-SUM. Gaussian Process Filtering of non-Gaussian Beliefs [Bauza, Maria, and Alberto Rodriguez] Sudharshan Suresh Suddhu's notes
23rd June Probabilistic Object Detection: Definition and Evaluation [Hall, David, Feras Dayoub, John Skinner, Haoyang Zhang, Dimity Miller, Peter Corke, Gustavo Carneiro, Anelia Angelova, and Niko Sunderhauf] Montiel Abello Monty's notes
30th June SuperGlue: Learning Feature Matching with Graph Neural Networks [Sarlin, Paul-Edouard, Daniel DeTone, Tomasz Malisiewicz, and Andrew Rabinovich] Akash Sharma Akash's notes
7th July A Unified Method for Solving Inverse, Forward, and Hybrid Manipulator Dynamics using Factor Graphs [Xie, Mandy, and Frank Dellaert] Dominic Guri Dominic's slides
14th July NeRF: Representing Scenes as Neural Radiance Fields for View Synthesis [Mildenhall, Ben, Pratul P. Srinivasan, Matthew Tancik, Jonathan T. Barron, Ravi Ramamoorthi, and Ren Ng] Allie Chang Allie's slides
21st July VIMO: Simultaneous Visual Inertial Model-based Odometry and Force Estimation [Nisar, Barza, Philipp Foehn, Davide Falanga, and Davide Scaramuzza] Joshua Jaekel Josh's notes
28th July One-way travel-time inverted ultra-short baseline localization for low-cost autonomous underwater vehicles [Rypkema, Nicholas R., Erin M. Fischell, and Henrik Schmidt] Akshay Hinduja Akshay's notes
4th Aug Multi-View Stereo by Temporal Nonparametric Fusion [Hou, Yuxin, Juho Kannala, and Arno Solin] Eric Dexheimer Eric's notes
18th Aug A Survey on Deep Learning for Localization and Mapping: Towards the Age of Spatial Machine Intelligence [Chen, Changhao, Bing Wang, Chris Xiaoxuan Lu, Niki Trigoni, and Andrew Markham] Chenfeng Tu Chen's notes
25th Aug An Underwater SLAM System using Sonar, Visual, Inertial, and Depth Sensor [Rahman, Sharmin, Alberto Quattrini Li, and Ioannis Rekleitis] Allison Wong Allison's notes

Summer '19

Date Paper Presenter
28th May Convolutional Approximations to the General Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging Operator [Ahn, Byeongjoo, Akshat Dave, Ashok Veeraraghavan, Ioannis Gkioulekas, and Aswin C. Sankaranarayanan] Eric Westman
11th June Efficient Planning with the Bayes Tree for Active SLAM [Chaves, Stephen M., and Ryan M. Eustice] Ming Hsaio
18th June LIMO: Lidar-Monocular Visual Odometry [Graeter, Johannes, Alexander Wilczynski, and Martin Lauer] Zimo Li
25th June Nonlinear Factor Recovery for Long-Term SLAM [Mazuran, Mladen, Wolfram Burgard, and Gian Diego Tipaldi] Joshua Jaekel
2nd July SegMap: 3D Segment Mapping using Data-Driven Descriptors [Dubé, Renaud, Andrei Cramariuc, Daniel Dugas, Juan Nieto, Roland Siegwart, and Cesar Cadena] Montiel Abello
9th July Taking a Deeper Look at the Inverse Compositional Algorithm [Lv, Zhaoyang, Frank Dellaert, James M. Rehg, and Andreas Geiger] Allie Chang
16th July DynamicFusion: Reconstruction and Tracking of Non-rigid Scenes in Real-Time [Newcombe, Richard A., Dieter Fox, and Steven M. Seitz] Jack (Yi) Yang
30th July Self-calibration and visual SLAM with a multi-camera system on a micro aerial vehicle [Heng, Lionel, Gim Hee Lee, and Marc Pollefeys] Chenfeng Tu
6th Aug Beyond Point Clouds: Fisher Information Field for Active Visual Localization [Zhang, Zichao, and Davide Scaramuzza] Eric Dexheimer
13th Aug Gaussian Process Gauss–Newton for non-parametric simultaneous localization and mapping [Tong, Chi Hay, Paul Furgale, and Timothy D. Barfoot] Sudharshan Suresh
20th Aug Motion Planning as Probabilistic Inference using Gaussian Processes and Factor Graphs [Dong, Jing, Mustafa Mukadam, Frank Dellaert, and Byron Boots] Paloma Sodhi